Leaving Florida Behind

We are now two months into our new life here in Greenville, North Carolina.

So much has happened in these past few months to lead us where we are today and I am disappointed that I haven’t documented it well at all.

Since I last blogged about our life we were excited, nervous, and every other emotion under the sun that our lives were taking on a new adventure with Rob matching to the general surgery program in Greenville. Now that is Greenville, NORTH CAROLINA. Not South Carolina. You wouldn’t believe how many people have tried to “correct me” since we found out we were headed here.

Before we made the leap and moved ourselves out of Florida there was much to be done to get ready for our new life.

After Match Day we took a week long vacation to visit all of our favorite spots and places we hadn’t ever been before in Florida before we said our goodbye’s.


Once back in South Florida we soaked in our time with family, friends, and each other in the couple of months we had left. Going to new places we hadn’t been before and visiting our old favorites one last time.


 In May, the best event of all occurred. . . Rob GRADUATED from medical school!!!



He is now officially Dr. Robert Allman, MD. I couldn’t wait to get new address labels with his new title (just kidding). Oh how proud of him I am. What an accomplishment. It has been so fun walking along side of him throughout his journey and watching him grow. Look out North Carolina, the best doctor is coming to town!

The last month after graduation flew like the wind.

We updated our house, put it on the market, and sold our house in matter of a couple of weeks.  We packed up our stuff, as well as my classroom, and loaded a trailer. `Let’s not talk about how much stuff we (me) had.


But we did it. We managed to pack it all in and ship it north a week or so before we left. Which meant we had no furniture or anything for a week so we had many dinner dates just like this one


In the last week of being Floridians, we soaked in as much time with everyone as possible. A week before we moved we had to say goodbye to our best friends and I lost it. I walked away a-hot-mess of tears as this whole “moving thing” became a reality.


The morning of June 12th, we woke up early, packed the cars with mom and dad in tow and headed North. What a mixture of feelings I had driving away from our house, our city, our friends and family. We made so many memories in South Florida dating, being engaged, and living as newlyweds.

And now, I am no longer a Floridian.

Weird to think about, and weird to say. I am slowly getting used to it. I can’t count the times I that I have told people where I moved from and they say “Did you get lost?” “How in the world did you end up here?” “Good luck finding things to do!”

It has been a double edged sword having the summer to adjust to my new surroundings. I had time to find a job, check out our ‘go-to’ spots, find my way around the city, as well as travel. But it also left way too much time for boredom. Having Rob around for the first couple of weeks helped being able to travel the state, visit family thats close, and explore.

But I am adjusting. . we are adjusting.

I am a North Carolinian! (Hopefully I WILL get used to that)


The Future is So Bright

This man of mine.


Yesterday was the most nerve-wrecking of days, and he was my constant.


When I was sitting nervously in my seat wanting to throw up, he was my cool.
Whispering in my ear that it would all be great, no matter where we were going.


He read those words aloud ( before I could read the paper) and all the unknown and uncertainty became excitement. I could see the joy and excitement in his eyes and all I could feel was the same.


OUR dreams are coming true. He has shared this journey WITH me and has always made me feel that every decision, every step is OURS. We are in this together.


That is why I am so thankful for him.


When he had pick of 10 different cities across the U.S, he asked me what I wanted.
He listened to me, we prayed over it, and WE made the choices of where WE wanted to be and what was best for our little family’s future together..
That is why I love this man, and why I love our marriage.


Our dreams are coming true. We are sharing in this joy together. This eight year medical journey that we have been on is continuing into it’s next phase and I couldn’t be more excited to stand by his side.


So much work so much time has gone in and there is so much more still to come.


But the best part is there has been so much love and support throughout it all that will continue on into this next phase.


THAT is why I love us 💜


We are stronger together.

East Carolina University, here we come!


We All Knew He Would. .

My main man MATCHED TODAY!!! 


Not that I am very surprised. I knew that he would, but receiving that email takes one load off of his (and mine) back.

Now we know he is guaranteed a job come July and will pursue his dreams in general surgery. WOOHOO!

He called me while I was teaching and I answered to hear the news. My students shouted “CONGRATULATIONS!” and cheered for him as I danced in my seat. What a start to a great week!

On my way home from work I swung by our favorite gourmet donut shop,                            Mojo Donuts (if you are ever in Ft. Lauderdale, GO!), to pick up a couple of celebratory donuts.

He “MMMM’d” all of the way through them.


Yay Yay Yay for my best friend matching!

While he says “we matched”, I didn’t do a thing. He will truly be the best doctor, ever!

Now the mystery continues onto where in the U.S will be. Friday is acomin’ and we seriously cannot wait to find out. Talk about the longest week ever.

Lordy, Lordy, patience truly is a virtue.


‘Fate Day’


Many of the readers on here (hopefully there actually are some) know that this handsome man of mine is in medical school.


He graduates this May (how did that go by so fast?) and has applied to general surgery residency programs all over the country.

He interviewed at 10 different hospitals (I am sure he knocked their socks off 🙂 ) and ranked them #1-10 of where he wants to continue his medical training. Rob’s aspiring to be a pediatric surgeon one day. He starts in a general surgery program and after 7 years (2 in the hospital, 2 of research, 3 back in the hospital) he will apply for a pediatric surgery fellowship in which we get to do all of this over again.

Anyway. . .

We ranked the programs from 1-10 based on where we want to live, what programs give him the most opportunities, where he felt comfortable, and what we felt God wanted us to do. As he ranked them 1-10, the programs also ranked their interviewees from all over the country (Thats ALOT of people, guys).

It then goes into a beautifully computerized algorithm and we pray every single day that the hospitals rankings align with Rob’s top ranked programs and that he “matches”.


In three days, we will receive an e-mail letting us know if he matches or not. If he does “HALLELUJAH!”, and if he does not then we scramble to find a program (any type of program, not necessarily general surgery) that will take him. Fun, right?

Because I am trusting our good and faithful Lord that he will match, next Friday we will attend Match Day, or as I like to call it “Fate Day”. We have the privilege (heavy sarcasm) to stand on stage in front of all medical school staff, students, and families to open up an envelope and see where in the country we are headed to and how our fate has been determined for us.

Match Day is the culmination of four challenging years, and, in some ways, is the most exciting day of the medical school experience. Every year at a predetermined time, medical students across the country learn simultaneously which hospital will educate them for the next three to seven years.

Exciting? No, I don’t think so. Terrifying, nerve-wracking, butterflies everywhere, wanting to puke while screaming and crying simultaneously are better words to describe the feelings that I feel towards this day. I mean standing up on stage and reading it for the first time in front of a huge crowd? Yikes! I only hope I look like these people when the cameras go off and am not crying uncontrollably.


All of Rob’s amazingly hard work over the past 4 years comes down to this day. We open that envelope and see what great program he will be a part of to continue this long journey and where God has our next adventure awaiting us.

I am so proud of him. I am so excited for him because HE is so, so excited and deserves so very much from all of his hard work.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Prayers that God is in every single step of that algorithm process and He places us where He wants us to be. Not where we want to be. That he knows better, he knows our hearts, and knows where we will flourish and live for Him. That is the prayer.

Pray for Monday, that when that e-mail comes we can dance, sing, cheers, and scream THAT HE MATCHED and a huge weight will be off of Rob’s shoulders.

Monday, Monday. . .

Now to enjoy the weekend.





You know those times in life when you just want to scream?

Or maybe cry hysterically?

When all goes wrong and you feel like there is no way out?

That is how I feel.

Completely and utterly helpless.

Wanting to hyperventilate over not knowing how to get the problem fixed and feeling stressed because of time and other factors.

Then, in a split second I am reminded that it’s not up to me to find a way out.

That in this moment the response I should be having isn’t to scream. . . instead it is to fall on my knees.

Crying still ensues, believe you me it’s still there.

But instead of screaming in anger and frustration I cry out of helplessness and beg for His will and way to be done.

I beg Him to show me what he wants me to do and how to handle what is in front of me and to help me LEAN on Him. To help me let go of my plans and my ways to allow Him to guide me.

And He always, always does.

Who can I rely on more than Him?

Certainly not myself.

Not any human being here on Earth can fix my problems, worries, stresses, in a matter of seconds.

He is the only one who can do that.

Tonight, that is what I am reminded of. Reminded that He wants me to come begging at his feet. To give up all of me and stop trying to fix my life, and my problems, and fully rely on Him to make things right. To make my life work.

Because no matter how much planning I do, how much I can have Rob’s appointment dates and times, flights, rental cars, or hotel stays planned out, it WILL be messed up. There WILL be a glitch in something that will send me, Rob, my beautifully time stamped plans reeling.


Why isn’t my initial response to stop, pray when this happens and know that He has me covered?

Because I am imperfectly imperfect. Always will be. I am so grateful and blessed that he loves me in spite of that.

I know that He has me covered. He will provide a way. Because He loves me, He cares for me, and He will never leave me or forsake me. I am his daughter, and he is my Father. I pray that one day falling on my knees IS my initial response.

I just need to remember to rely on him. Instead of others and my planner, no matter how great it may be 🙂


Our New Addition

For the past three or so months Rob and I have had the pleasure of puppy sitting for my sister.


This is Kona. She is the sweetest, most gentle, loving, cuddly dog I have ever met. With being home since the beginning of July each day on summer break, Kona and I were able to spend tons of time together and get lots of cuddles in.


I became crazily attached. I didn’t know you could love an animal like that and become so attached that they become part of your family.


When my sister took her back in the beginning of August, I was sad. Seriously, I cried. When Rob saw how sad I was he decided that we needed a dog.




After breakfast last Friday morning, we went to the Humane Society down the street and played with a couple of dogs that we were interested in. I forgot to take pictures of the pups to remember them while we mulled it over, I was just so excited to be there.

First things first, the Humane Society is GORGEOUS. We pulled up to the building and Rob remarked at how pretty the outside of the building was.

Humane Society


We walked in, it looked like we were in a hotel lobby, and spoke to the receptionist and all she could say were wonderful things about the new building. How the animals have big living quarters and how well taken care of they are. She was excited for our entire experience and showed us how the process worked. We walked through the different rooms of dogs, who were all behind glass doors, and wrote down the dogs name/code of those that we wanted to meet.

I wanted a dog like Kona. Mild tempered, not too excited or jumpy, loving and cuddly, and that doesn’t bark too much. (sounds like the perfect dog doesn’t it?). We found one that we really liked, Charlie. He was mild tempered for the most part, loved to be pet and was loving. He just LOVED to jump on people and had a bit too much energy for my liking. Probably because he was cooped up in a kennel all day but ya know first impressions.

We left the Humane society and went on with our fun-filled date day talking about Charlie and whether or not we wanted to go back and get him. We would obviously have to change the name, my fathers name is Charles/Charlie and thats just weird, but he was the perfect size and was sweet. Saturday morning we woke up and talked more about going back to get him. Something was holding me back though. It was probably just the sheer fear of committing to owning a dog, but I was still unsure about it. I was on Facebook and decided to go to the page of a local rescue group that I follow. I went on the page and scrolled through their feed of dogs that were found lost and trying to reconnect with their owners. Then I stopped on one pup that was shown severely skinny and sad.

A local woman had posted on how she had found this puppy a year ago, took her in and gave her vaccinations and back to good health. She then found a family to adopt her and thought all was well. She would periodically check in on the puppy to say hi and make sure all was still well. Last week when she went by, almost a year since the family had her, she found her in bad condition. She was malnourished, abused, dirty, scared, and tired. She told the family she was taking her and they didn’t seem to care. She was nursing her back to health for the past week and was trying to find her a new forever home to live in.


I showed the post to Rob and commented on how sad it was and how cute this little girl was. He agreed and asked if I wanted to meet her. We called the good samaritan lady up and she told us how she had just put her in a foster family home but would try and bring her by later that day to meet us.


We call her Lady Lucy for this cute little pose she gives when she lays down.

It was love at first sight. We knew we wanted to keep her from the few moments we had with her and she officially became ours on Sunday morning.

The sweetest, most gentle, loving dog there is. (Another Kona!)


She is the perfect dog. She loves to be loved, and fed of course.

She will eat us out of house and home if we let her but for now we are doing our best to keep her food intake regulated and not get too much at once.


The only time we have heard her bark so far was at Ripley, our cat, when he hissed at her and she was not having it. Then again at 5:00am in the morning from downstairs to go out.


She is terrified of the car, and of our stairs. She refuses to go near each one. But she loves her bed and she loves her new home.


We are so happy to have our new family member. We took her around to our families on Sunday for everyone to meet her and they all have fallen in love. Rob’s Nana and mom tried to fatten her up as much as possible resulting in Lucy not wanting to leave, I don’t blame her!

I can’t wait to see how cute she is all fattened up and healthy!


Summer Time

My summer has been . . . a whirlwind to say the least. In some ways it feels like it just started a week or two ago. And in other ways I feel as though I have been on summer break for forever.


I mean I left to Europe for 2.5 weeks over a month and a half ago. It feels so long ago!

This summer has been a dream and everything I wanted and needed. I spent so many great days with my momma and friend in Europe. I exprienced new things and made dreams come true.


I also was able to spend time with friends and my handsome man since I have been home. I have had weekly beach days with close friends who time seems to run out for when the school year is up and running. But most of all I get to spend more unexpected time with this cutie right here ❤





Rob has been on surgery rotations for the past two months. One in Orlando while I was in Europe, hence why I took the invitation to go to Europe, and one in Miami when I arrived back home. His hours are crazy during surgery and I only get to see him a few hours per night before he crashes on the couch. Can’t blame the poor guy. Yes, this will be the rest of my life. He is going into surgery, I know. Doesn’t mean that I like the hours!


He was supposed to be up in ATL this month doing another surgery rotation but that didn’t quite work out as we had hoped. So now he is doing a required geriatrics rotation right down the street and his hours are conducive to us spending more time together 🙂


We have been taking advantage and going to the pool when he gets off of work, having dinner together every night, and going out and about running errands together. It is so fun!


On Friday, Rob had an unexpected day off. I jumped up and down when he got the text on Thursday night that his lecture had been canceled and he didn’t have to go in at all. That called for fun in the sun and lots of sleeping in! 🙂

Friday morning, after we slept in, we decided to go get breakfast at a spot that many people have talked about. I know it isn’t new, but we hadn’t had the chance to go yet so we jumped on it and scurried ourselves East towards the beach for a delicious breakfast at Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.


To say it was good is an understatement. I had a simple bagel and cream cheese and a deliciously huge iced coffee. Guys, they make their own coffee ice cubes so your coffee doesn’t get watered down, what?!  Rob got a stuffed bagel sandwich full of protein: sausage, eggs, bacon, and ham with cheese melted over it. SO GOOD! We were full when we left that place!

On our way to another super fun adventure we passed a place called Tiger Tail Lake. We saw people with sail boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards all over the lake. Our initial plan was to head the beach but after we saw this, we decided to stop there and see what it was all about.


Rob loves to paddle board and has been wanting me to try it for a few years now. We haven’t ever really had the chance to with it being affordable, and Lord knows the first time I am going to do it will not be in the ocean with waves.


We inquired about paddle boarding and decided to spend our day their instead of the beach. Guys, paddle boarding (on a lake) is so much fun! Seriously, I LOVED it. I kept telling Rob that I now want to own a paddle board so that I can do it every day. So fun!


We had an adventurous and tiring time. My. Abs. Are. Sore. We didn’t fall much either except when Rob decided to play a game of “lets switch boards” and I went tumbling into the water and lost my sunglasses. Oh well, it was still fun and definitely something to laugh about. It was a very fun-filled and sunny day spent with my love. Bonus that it was Friday instead of a Saturday so we were able to spend two more days together without work in the way! Woohoo! 🙂

One more week of summer left, you can bet that I will be soaking it up!