October Time

I wish that I could tell you that the beginning of fall and October came and all was right in our state. That it turned the most magical of colors, the crisp fall air fell into the town and every reason for moving north was now right in front of me.

Unfortunately, that is not the case it seems. Early October has brought rain, rain, and more rain. Along with a hurricane that seems to be barreling towards us and will hopefully cancel school. Ok, thats not anything to joke about, but this Florida girl is ready for a hurricane day.


On a good note, we WILL get some gorgeous fall weather once Matthew leaves his mark. Highs in the low seventies and lows in the low fifties sounds like great weather to me. Now if only Matthew would move on through and stop traveling so slow.


The beginning of October has also brought on Rob working nights. Not my favorite schedule that he has had thus far. Due to the fact that I work days it isn’t all too conducive to us seeing each other or spending time together. In reality, we see each other for an hour a day, if I leave school right on time, and getting one whole day together (Saturday) for the past two weeks. While this isn’t the worst thing and could be 10,000 times worse, I do enjoy my husband something fierce and really love spending time with him. Needless to say I am not a fan of night shift.


While it does lead to many many cuddling sessions with my dear Lucy girl, which she is loving, she doesn’t talk back  when I want to have a conversation. 😉

It just isn’t the same as having my handsome man around






A sickly, crippled cat had also decided to pop up towards the end of last month in which we are having to frequent the vet too many times for my liking.


Poor Ripley man had an ingrown claw that was badly infecting his foot which in turn led to him hobbling around the house like a three legged cat. Thankfully, he is healing and getting better after having surgery last week to remove the claw and drain the abscess on his paw. Even in all the pain that he must have been in he was acting normal and didn’t cry. A week later he is chasing bugs around the house and tearing around corners like nothing happened.

If I worry about my animals this much, I am sure I am not ready to worry about children too.


The first of October did bring in some fun for us in which Rob was able to join in on.

The University of Central Florida, Rob’s alma mater, was on the road playing East Carolina University right down the street from us in their home stadium. It was our first college football game of the season, my second in my entire life, and we had so much fun.

While the day had no fall feel to it whatsoever with high 80 temperatures, direct sunlight that left us both looking like lobsters, and humidity that made us sweat in literally every place possible, we cheered on our knights in a sea of purple across the stadium.

In the section we sat we were 2 out of 3 UCF fans. We stood up, cheered on our team, and got stared down over and over again as our team took the win back home to Florida. What fun it was to spend a Saturday with my man and friends. Have I mentioned I love spending time with him?


That is the beginning of our month so far. Not the most exciting of times up here in North Carolina but they have definitely been eventful. We are so looking forward to having fall weather begin to touch our little town so we can open up windows, wear cozy scarves and sweaters and love every minute of the season. Oh fall, please join us soon!

Until then, we will hold up through the rain coming our way. We will pray our hearts out for those hurt by this storm in Haiti and the Caribbean Islands and pray that it doesn’t do any further damage to our home state and up the east coast.


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