My Loves of the Week

I hope that you had a great and fun-filled week and are enjoying your weekend.

I am supposed to be out and about with my parents visiting my brother and some family just north of me in Bradenton for the weekend. But guess who came down with a stomach bug at work yesterday and is still spending her time over the throne again today? Sad smile That would be this girl.  . .

As my stomach is slowly recovering, I thought that I would share some things from my week with you all.



If you have not read this book yet. . . please go do so, NOW!

I took a quick walk-through B&N on Sunday for a book I could read by the pool since I finished The Kite Runner (highly recommend by the way) and wanted a good read. Per PBF’s reviews I decided to buy Divergent.

This photo that I found in Google Images sums it up completely. . .




It is true, I read 150 pages in the first day and finished it within 3 days because I Just Could Not Put It Down!! Oh I cannot wait until the sequel comes out in May, on my birthday! (Um…birthday present mom?)

If you liked the Hunger Games I know you will like this book. Same type of futuristic plot and totally intense!



I have been craving good food this week (up until Friday morning, that is). I love reading blogs and finding new recipes online to make. As I have been reading my Google Reader, daily, and have been online on Pinterest I have found quite a few.

Here are a couple things that I made this week. . .

1. Chicken, Sweet Potato, & Spinach Quesadillas



Thank you Courtney @ Sweet Tooth Sweet Life for posting these. I will love you for forever!  

2. Strawberry Balsamic Pizza with Chicken balsamic pizza , Sweet Onion, and bacon



This pizza, I made for Rob when he came up on Wednesday night. It was definitely mmmm. . .  worthy and will be made again, and again, and again. I believe my words when I took my first bite were “Holy crap! That is good!”


3.  Banana Granola Crunch Pancakes, from First Watch


Delicious, Rob and I went for breakfast on Thursday. I was craving these pancakes, even though they are NOT good for at all. But that’s ok, it was good at the time!


My New Nike + Shoes

My old Nike’s I have been running on for almost a year now. They have been amazing. Taking me through many many miles of running and other activities. . .



(Recycled photo from crazy sock day)


A couple of months ago I started feeling how worn they really were. I started getting bad blisters on my pinky and big toes. I have a black toe nail from them, yay for nails falling off!, and I would have to double up my socks before taking a run so I would prevent pain. All of these problems = No Bueno.

It took me FOR-EV-ER to find a new pair that I liked. I absolutely love the feel of these sneakers and would not buy anything else. I went to many many Sports Authorities and other places to find ones that were affordable and not completely outrageous in color.

Then finally, my running partner text me that the Nike Outlet store was having a crazy sale with an extra 30% off already marked down prices. Well you know where I was that night!




Saving 50 dollars on your favorite shoes?! If they had another color in my size I would have bought 2!

I love my new shoes! They are extremely PURPLE, which I absolutely love! But more than that, they are comfy! I forgot how great a run can be when your feet do not hurt during or at the end of it. I am restricting my use of these shoes to solely running so they will last longer. My old ones still do for weight training and regular wear. I am saving my new ones as much as I can!





Tina @ Best Body has put together some amazing superset workouts for us this week. I have completed two of them, one for lower body and one for upper and I have definitely been able to feel both. My muscles are sore and I am loving it!

I have never completed a super set workout before these and think they are such a great idea! You get your cardio in as well as your weight training. Wham, bam, thank-you mam’ and your done! A quick 30-40 min sweat sesh that leaves you feeling sore and good! I cannot wait to do another week of them for week 4. I cannot believe that it is week 4 already!

On Wednesday she has a progressive interval treadmill run for us. Umm…running at a 9.0 pace? I am not cut out for that! I was sweating up a storm and my legs were wobbly and aching at the end. Much stretching took place after that run.

Due to my illness I didn’t get to run yesterday, 6 miles was on the training plan, or today, another superset workout. So I am hoping with my stomach getting better and better as the day wears on, tomorrow I can complete the last superset workout and finish out this week with 5 days of working out! I hate not being able to work out. But then again, I also hate not being able to hold anything down and feeling completely and totally drained of energy for 2 days.

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday! My included tons of Saved By The Bell since I discovered it is on Netflix now! Is it bad I already watched like 2 seasons?

Winking smile


When I informed my sister yesterday as I was overly excited about my new discovery she text back:

OMG don’t tell me that!”

My thoughts exactly. .  .




What is your favorite Saved By The Bell episode?

 I cannot pick just one!

2 thoughts on “My Loves of the Week

  1. Cassie says:

    I love so much about this blog I don’t even know where to start. SAVED BY THE BELL. Love funky socks. Have those shoes but in a different color and paid almost full price (yuck) and I so badly want to try strawberries on a pizza – yum.

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