She’s Married!

My Best Friend’s Wedding has come and gone!




It was a whirl-wind of a week last week. Full of wedding details, preparations, seeing friends, wedding rehearsal, nail appointments, rehearsal dinner, doing hair, make-up, and a walk down the aisle.

I loved every minute of it, but was completely exhausted for the next two days from it.


The details and decorations started Friday morning with bouquet, centerpiece, and boutonniere making




Friends since we were 7&8

The we headed to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures (AH-MA-ZING and much overdue)


Then it was home for a quick change and back to the church for the rehearsal!



The bride and her maids


Are they not the cutest flower girls EVER?




Then onto the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.

Let me just tell you. . . a 3 course meal with wine, and bread? I enjoyed every single minute of it. . .

As did Rob. He will never pass up a good meal Smile 




Love this man


Enjoying the last night of being a single lady



After a LONG day and a late night. I was back at the church on Saturday morning for a fun-filled day of hair, make-up, pictures, singing and dancing.






Then came the best part of the day. . .

it was time to head down the aisle!











And they became husband and wife! So darn excited for them.

It was a simple, gorgeous, and intimate ceremony. The perfect kind.





Me and my little sister

We then went to the reception where were partied the night away celebrating the Mr. & Mrs.






I spent the night out on the dance floor. It started out just me and the flower girls, then the other bridesmaids joined in. Thank God.

It was a blast and Rob snapped pictures the whole time.






Rob did join me for a couple of songs, I have taught him well Smile 




After the wedding. . . we knew that it was New Years Eve and there was no way we were just going to go home and watch the ball drop. So we headed to a party one of my good friends had invited me to.



Yes, my hair ended up falling down with all of the dancing. It is so heavy that the bobby pins can only hold for so long.






Happy New Year!


This was the sight at midnight. Everyone in the entire house giving kisses and hugs to EVERYONE. I loved every minute of it!


After the ball dropped, the family broke out karaoke.

I was so proud when Rob walked up and sang Juke Box Hero

It was the first time in 6.5 years I have ever seen him sing karaoke, or in public at all. It was a terrific start to the new year!



Do you see the woman in the back completely loving it?


I might have also joined in a duet of I Just Can’t Wait to be King

It was pretty phenomenal. . .



I loved this little girl. She was a stellar dance partner


I was completely exhausted by the time we got back home. But it was completely worth it. I was able to end 2011 standing beside my best friend on the greatest day of her life, and begin 2012 with the man of my dreams, good friends and a ton of fun.

I loved every minute of my New Years Eve.

Now I am loving every minute of my new year.

I started back to work today. I was completely not ready to end my lovely winter break, but I am also totally blessed to have a job that I get to go back to and that gave me a paid vacation. So who can complain?

I woke up with it being 30 degrees out for me to head to work in. Yay!

Luckily it was a teacher planning day so I got to wear whatever I wanted to. You better believe I rocked my brand new boots. Love those puppies. I would wear them every day if I could.

All day I could only think about chili for dinner. . . but I really didn’t want to go to the grocery store to buy the fixin’s.

As I was reading my Google reader on my brand new smart phone (Yep, I am up on the times now) I came across Iowa Girl Eats and she happened to post a must make soup recipe last night. The best part? I had ALL of the ingredients on hand. Whoop Whoop!

I highly, highly, highly, highly, recommend that you make this recipe.

The only thing that I changed was shredded chicken for the turkey. It was delish! The perfect add-on to a chili night.

40’s tonight! Better bundle up, my friends! Smile

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